Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thank you for praying with the family

Lizy Rajan had been a motherly sister, friend and a prayer warrior who always stood with us.
Her home was open for many and we were always homely there and made it our base when we were around there. (Lizy is Jessy's elder sister)

Lizy Rajan was called to her eternal dwelling place on the early morning of 7th August 2010 at 1.30 AM.

An year ago she had gone through an angioplasty. While traveling to the same hospital for a checkup, along with her husband Rajan on 11th June 2010, she had a fall and gained head injuries. (The bike they traveled had a rough jump over an unidentified/ unmarked hump on the Chengannur- Parumala Road on that wet day). Her home call came after being in the hospital ICU for 57 days. She has been a child of God and worked along with her husband Rajan in a spiritual interdenominational ministry to families.

1. Lizy Rajan
2. Picture- captured by Jerusha our daughter

3.Lizy (left) and Jessy (right) with their mother, in their mother's dress. (pic by Japhia)

4. Back-light and front-light: Jessy's and Lizy's mother with her great twin grandchildren ( born to Priti, Lizy's daughter)

5. Rajan Varghese (casual again pic by Jerusha)

The funeral was held on 9th August afternoon at home and the local Mar Thoma Church at Karakkad. The presents of a lot of friends from different geographical and ministry areas along with wide scattered relatives was a blessed occasion. The family has been able to accept the loss and is peaceful under the grace of God. May the Lord's surpassing and divine peace continue to lead the family.

Philipose and Jessy along with Lizy's family - Rajan, Priti's family (Noble, Aaaron and Aleena) and Prince are thankful to you (TLM collegues & friends, EGF friends, STECI members and several others) for being with us in prayer and inquiring of her situation constantly. We are also grateful to all the doctor's nurses and other medical staff, who attended to her at the hospital.


  1. Sneha told us about Lizy's promotion to glory and mentioned about this blogspot. Thanks for all the details which has helped us to pray more intelligently for the family. Glad that Jerusha has captured some very good images for us to keep memories alive. We(Laila & me)knew Lizy whose presence itself was eloquent though she was a woman of few words. Rajan will miss her more than all of us. Our heartfelt condolences to him and the children and the grandchildren. Let us thank God for her life and testimony.

  2. May the good Lord strengthen all of you & give you all, the inner peace to over come the great loss. Praying that God will bless you all with abundant Prayers